Paul Scherrer Institut
Physics of fundamental Symmetries and Interactions - PSI2010
October 11 – 14, 2010 at the Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland

Oral presentations

To ensure a flawless flow transition between presentations the oral contributions should be provided,exclusively, on
PowerPoint 97-2003(.ppt) or PDF formats. All the presentations will have to use the conference computer provided in the auditorium.

Authors are encouraged to upload their presentation to the INDICO system. Once uploaded, the presentations will only be available to all registered delegates of the workshop. Authos who do not wish that should notify the organizers.


The posters should be A0 size and portrait oriented (840 mm x 1180 mm or 33" x 46"). They will be attached by PSI staff, so no need to bring any sticky tape etc.

The posters are allowed to stay up during the entire workshop to maximize their exposure to the participants. For the same reason, we also encourage you to submit a PDF version of your poster to be stored in the INDICO system.

Deadline for Proceedings submission is November 15, 2010.